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Fraiser’s self-service platform gives you access to high-ROI email and cell records within minutes. Now, you can create and download your perfect list without lengthy email chains and wait times.  

And with the only real-time cooling off period on the market, you can be confident that the lists you acquire have the best chance of donating to your campaign — and fast. 

We proudly operate as true partners in your fundraising journey. Have ideas or requests for what you’d like to see Fraiser do next? Contact your Account Executive or a Fraiser team member here

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Express Emails 

Fraiser’s Express emails are composed of left-leaning clickers, engagers, and donors. Additionally, they go through a robust verification process to ensure you and your client don’t run into any deliverability issues. 

Premium Emails

Fraiser’s Premium emails feature a highly-selective, real-time subset of our Fraiser emails composed of the most recent donors and clickers. It is powered by our cutting-edge privacy layer that gets performance data back on Fraiser emails only, and has the best chance of donating to your campaign – and fast. 


Cell Appends

With Fraiser, you can append cell records to any email list within minutes. Fraiser uses a rigorous verification process to ensure that you’re getting accurate and responsive cell records by weeding out wrong numbers and disconnects. As peer-to-peer programs grow more critical for campaigns across the country, cell appends are a perfect way to boost your acquisition today. 

“In our effort to ensure that every American has the right to cast a ballot, spam traps and deliverability issues can be major hurdles on our path to victory. Fraiser’s Premium emails have been an excellent solution for this, as we are able to reach our most active supporters. This has proven to be impactful as we’ve reached 100% ROI in under a month! Fraiser’s Premium emails are definitely something we come back for time and time again.”

Voter Protection Project

“Peer-to-peer texting has become an increasingly integral part of our fundraising strategy. Fraiser has continued to stay up-to-date on these needs and allows us to append any of our email lists with ease through the Fraiser platform. Additionally, we never have to worry about bad numbers and disconnects because of the thoughtfulness they put into their verification process. Our clients have been able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in a short amount of time from data acquired through Fraiser. Anyone using peer-to-peer programs should absolutely work with Fraiser.”

Momentum Campaigns

“Fraiser’s emails and cell appends have allowed us to maximize fundraising efforts to protect our Democratic majority. They have outperformed other vendors we’ve worked with by 890%, with hundreds more donor conversions and individual donations. Additionally, while Fraiser is a highly convenient and self-service platform, their team is always quick to respond to any and all of our needs. Fraiser is unlike anything in the industry and we will absolutely continue to utilize them and recommend them to others.”

Progressive Majority PAC

“As a campaign manager for a no-BS candidate working hard to unseat a far-right incumbent, Fraiser’s Premium emails and their cell phone append feature played a critical role in engaging our donors. Fraiser’s intuitive platform has exceeded expectations not only through the performance metrics but through its one-of-a-kind privacy layer that puts our data and security first.”

Walker for Colorado

See Fraiser in Action – Request a Demo

See Fraiser in Action – Request a Demo