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Fraiser was founded with one goal in mind: to make digital fundraising simple. As former campaign operatives, we understand how important digital fundraising is to your overall targets. That’s why we set out to build the fastest and most effective way to find the list you need, with the highest ROI.

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Meet Team Fraiser

Doug Greven (he/him/his)Founder & CEO
At Fraiser, Doug brings over 15 years of campaign management experience. His work in the industry inspired him to create Fraiser and revolutionize the way campaigns target their supporters.

Outside of work, Doug is a proud father who enjoys spending time with his family and golfing in sunny California.

Francois Genard (he/him/his)COO & Head of Sales
Previously Chief of Staff on the Hill, Francois has over 10 years of experience in politics at both the national and state level. Campaign Manager for three successful congressional races for a Frontline Member; one successful Red-to-Blue congressional race winning by a margin of 862 votes against all odds.

At Fraiser, Francois is responsible for managing the company’s overall operations and ensuring that Fraiser delivers meaningful results for our clients.

Outside of work you can find Francois riding his bike through DC with his trusty sidekick, Beaker the cat… no, but really. Follow his stories on IG @francoisgenard.

Maddie Parra (she/her/hers)Advisor, Product & Strategy
Maddie is a serial entrepreneur and tech operator, with over 10 years of experience of bringing first mover, high growth digital products to market. She co-founded social analytics start-up Twizoo, leading to a successful acquisition by Skyscanner in 2017 – where she GMed a team of 70 and a $25 million + business unit.

At Fraiser, Maddie is responsible for product strategy and general tech advising.

Outside of work, Maddie enjoys open water swimming competitions and all things Georgia sports.

Jordan Noble (he/him/his) Head of Engineering
Jordan spent 5 years at Imperial College London researching state of the art methods in data privacy and security during his PhD. At Microsoft, he developed software that helps protect the data of thousands of enterprise customers.

At Fraiser, Jordan is responsible for the development of the Fraiser web app and ensuring customer data is always kept secure.

Outside of work, you’ll usually find Jordan playing racket sports or cooking American barbecue in rainy England.

Bea Curtis (she/her/hers)Data Director
A seasoned field and data operative, Bea got her start in politics on the successful 2012 campaign to win marriage equality at the ballot in Maine. Since then, she has worked for a number of campaigns, including the Bernie Sanders campaign in 2016 and NextGen Pennsylvania in 2020.

At Fraiser, Bea manages and maintains the Fraiser database to ensure that our clients receive the highest-quality data possible.

Outside of work, Bea can be found cooking, playing retro video games, or making spreadsheets to track her other hobbies. She lives in beautiful Maine with her girlfriend and their three cats.

Meghan Waymire (she/her/hers)Customer Success Manager
A CSU Fullerton Alumna, Meghan spent most of her academic career registering and empowering her peers to get civically engaged and led in the efforts that resulted in a 32.6% spike in student voter turnout on her campus. Additionally, Meghan has continuously fought for Democrats through interning in Washington D.C. to field efforts for a Congressional campaign in 2020.

At Fraiser, Meghan is responsible for developing strong and healthy customer relationships by delivering efficient and effective support services.

Outside of work, Meghan enjoys camping at national parks with her partner, sharing too many pictures of their cats, Eleanor and Marmalade, and singing along to Taylor Swift at full volume.

Michael Beckendorf (he/him/his)Account Executive
Michael Beckendorf has over a decade of experience in electoral politics, having directed campaigns from coast to coast and worked with candidates at almost every level. When not working with agencies and non-profit organizations to find effective solutions – he lives in Austin where he enjoys live music, arguing about the finer points of Texas barbecue, and hiking excursions.

See Fraiser in Action – Request a Demo

See Fraiser in Action – Request a Demo